About Us

Meet Dr. Clark M.D.

  Black_Bag_Justin_Clark  My name is Dustin Clark.  I was born and raised in Glasgow, Kentucky. I attended the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and have been in the Tri-Cities since 2011. I completed a residency in family medicine at the ETSU Johnson City Family Medicine program where I served as chief resident in my last year.
Working as a doctor consumes a good deal of my time, but I consider myself a full-time husband and father. Family is very important to me. My wife, Lauren, and I have been married since 2001. We have been blessed with 5 children we educate our children at home. This isn’t always an easy task, but it is something to which we are committed. Like medicine, I believe that education works best when it is based on very close relationships and personalized for each individual. My children are all different little personalities that learn in different ways and at different rates. As such, the ways in which we teach them are different as well. With no influence from government regulators or insurance administrators, medicine can be approached in the same fashion.
The beauty of the East Tennessee mountains is something that I really enjoy. My family and I love to hike along the trails of the various parks. We enjoy spending a crisp fall evening by a campfire in the woods.
I delight in many other activities as well. I enjoy finding some quiet time to read a good book. I like to browse flea markets for things that I really don’t need. Regular exercise is important to me. It is a great stress reliever, but it’s one of those activities that I usually enjoy more once it’s over. Finally, I enjoy the fellowship of other believers from our church who have welcomed our family and made us part of theirs.

Meet Dr. Andrew Tyson M.D.

I was born in the highlands of Guatemala, Central America where my parents were serving as missionaries. We moved back to the mountains of North Georgia when I was 7 years old which is when I first fell in love with Appalachia. I studied Biology with a Bible minor at Lee University in Cleveland, TN and then attended medical school at ETSU’s Quillen College of Medicine. I completed my family medicine residency with ETSU in Bristol.

My wife Yadi (who I met on a return trip to Guatemala) and I love living in the Tri-cities. We feel blessed to be surrounded by beautiful people and scenery. We spend as much time as we can outdoors enjoying all four seasons this area has to offer.
Medicine in it’s current state leaves many patients and doctors dissatisfied and discouraged.  I’m excited to try a different model so early in my career that allows the patient-doctor relationship to be at the center.
My passion within medicine is addressing the root cause of chronic disease, optimizing health, and reversing (or preventing) metabolic dysfunction and obesity through lifestyle modification. I am well-versed in therapeutic carbohydrate restriction, intermittent fasting, and ancestrally appropriate diets. Together, we can make decisions to radically improve your health.

Meet Mrs. Harrison, Physician Assistant

Originally from Knoxville Tennessee, I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry and Biology from Lincoln Memorial University. I married my husband Josh, a local Pharmacist, in 2000 and we were blessed with twins in 2011. After attending South University in Savannah Georgia, where I received my Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, we moved to the Tri-cities. With over eleven years of practice in multiple areas including urgent and emergency medicine, surgical oncology, outpatient surgical procedures, and primary care, I have a good understanding for how difficult it is to navigate the challenges of an ever-changing medical landscape.

In a world that has become so specialized and oftentimes focused only on one aspect of healthcare, it is important to me as a provider to know my patients and their specific needs taking their overall health into consideration. I am passionate about bringing healthcare back to a personal level and caring for patients without the constraints of insurance guidelines. With my knowledge and determination to find the root issue of those symptoms with which I am presented, I can help balance hormones, treat vitamin deficiencies and help you maintain your overall health goals.