I decided to meet Dr. Clark due to how unhappy I was with the treatment delays, extreme wait times and bureaucracy within my previous doctor of 15 years.  I was immediately shocked at how I was able to meet with Dr. Clark in my own home.  Within the first 30 days as a patient I became sick with a stomach bug. I contacted Dr. Clark and he responded in less than 10 minutes and within 5 more minutes had called in medication that stopped the symptoms. 
I have endured migraines for over 20 years and had been forced to utilize local ERs and Urgent Care facilities instead of seeing my physician of 15 years.  I was developing a migraine while at work one morning, so I contacted Dr. Clark to check his availability if the headache became unmanageable later.  He suggested he come on by to check on me to prevent it from getting to that point.  Within no time, Dr. Clark was at my office, gave me an injection for my migraine Not only did I not have to miss any work – I did not have to have someone come drive me to an Urgent Care, wait for hours for any relief and spend over $250 for the privilege.  I am saving over $3,000 in office visits and co-pays a year by switching my care to Dr. Clark.  
I encountered a problem with picking up a maintenance medication on a Friday afternoon after 5:00.  I was able to reach Dr. Clark and he contacted the pharmacy to correct the problem.  The pharmacist inquired as to how I was able to reach my doctor so quickly after hours. He was quite surprised when I explained that Dr. Clark was always available to his patients – and that is one of the many things that makes his practice so special.
-Khristina Bowen, patient



Our experience with Dr. Dustin Clark at Black Bag Family Healthcare has been above and beyond our expectations.  We initially enlisted their services because we are an active family with 4 children ranging in age from newborn to 9 years old.  We wanted to save time, avoid taking our children into germ-filled offices for well checks and to hopefully eliminate the need to visit urgent care offices on nights, weekends and vacations.  While all of these objectives have been satisfied, there has been an unexpected level of care that we couldn’t have imagined.  It started with our initial appointments when Dr. Clark asked about our health goals.  This was a question we had never been asked before and quite honestly, had to do some thinking about.  It continued when Dr. Clark spent just as much time inquiring about the health of the mother of the newborn baby during our newest arrival’s appointments as he did the baby.  We were also surprised to see Dr. Clark hold our baby throughout the entire check-up as we were accustomed to seeing our other 3 screaming on the table during their newborn exams.  Additionally, he came to save the day on Easter when our daughter became ill, saving us a trip to urgent care.  For all these reasons and more, we’ve chosen to call Black Bag Family Healthcare our family doctor and are happy to recommend Dr. Clark to all of our friends!

-Brent and Aimee Long, Family of 6, all patients